100 days of code: Day 1 - hello_world.py

Last modified on 2020-06-09

My personal project for the next one hundred days is learning how to program. Python will be my language of choice.

Let’s go!

I am not starting completely from scratch. Over the years I have enjoyed writing shell scripts to accomplish various tasks on my computer. It is immensely satisfying to figure out the code to do something and watch the machine go to work!

However, as JFK once said about going to the Moon, it is time to take longer strides.

There are amazing technologies, both here now and imagined, that I want to put my heart and skills into making real, making better, for the benefit of all: machine learning, artificial intelligence, spaceflight. I feel it is still the early days of our relationship with machines and we can code a better world(s)!

Hmm … this might take more than a few months. 🐧

My usual modus operandi is to dive right in and solve some narrowly defined challenge, wander off to something else and, lo and behold, come back and find skills have gone poof. Going to try something different this time. I will work on programming:

I chose the Python programming language because:

I am starting to work through Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes, 2nd Edition (2019). My computer is running Debian 10 and Python 3.7.3 is installed.

So …

print('\nHello Python world! '
        + 'Today is Day 0000001 and I am excited to get started!')

All the source code will be available on GitHub.

Happy hacking!