100 days of code: Day 2 - editor

Last modified on 2020-06-10

Source: 100-days-of-code.


Python Crash Course recommends Sublime Text as text editor for creating programs, though alternatives are mentioned in the appendix (Geany looks interesting). I have some familiarity with neovim and that will be my choice for writing Python programs.

Here are my configuration settings in ~/.config/nvim/init.vim for programming …

syntax on                   " syntax highlighting
filetype plugin indent on   " allow auto-indenting depending on file type
set tabstop=4               " number of columns occupied by a tab character
set expandtab               " convert tabs to white space
set shiftwidth=4            " width for autoindents
set softtabstop=4           " see multiple spaces as tabstops so <BS> does the right thing
set showmatch               " show matching brackets.
set autoindent              " indent a new line the same amount as the line just typed
set number                  " add line numbers
set cc=80                   " set colour columns for good coding style


Programs I want to create:

Happy hacking!