It is a Breeze to make QT and GTK applications look good

Last modified on 2017-07-03

I went looking for a desktop style with good support for both Qt and GTK applications. Breeze is the default Qt style of KDE Plasma and the one I chose. I like it!

To setup on Debian …

Let’s go!

Install the breeze package for Qt and gtk3-engines-breeze for GTK …

sudo apt install breeze gtk3-engines-breeze

I am not running KDE or any other desktop environment, so I install a few independent configuration tools:

sudo apt install qt4-qtconfig lxappearance

Run each config tool for its respective environment. Settings are saved to:

Breeze-dark is an alternative dark colour scheme. Qt5ct handles colours separately from KDE. Create or modify an existing colour scheme and save with a filename ending in .conf to ~/.config/qt5ct/colors. I use this one posted on GitHub. Run qt5ct and in Appearance select the new custom colour scheme. Select breeze-dark in the other config tools.

I add to my ~/.bashrc (which is sourced by ~/.profile) …


Using a dark theme created a problem for me in Firefox with text entry on some websites. Gmail login, Youtube search, and others would use a near-invisible white font on a white background. Text Contrast for Dark Themes is a Firefox extension that fixed the issue. Good stuff!

Links: Uniform_look_for_Qt_and_GTK_applications and Configuration of Qt5 apps under environments other than KDE Plasma

Happy hacking!