Last modified on 2017-01-01

A few generic tweaks I add to Debian/Ubuntu’s configuration file /etc/default/grub of the GNU GRand Unified Bootloader.

Display menu

Default is to hide the boot menu and - after a slight delay - start loading the system. To make the menu visible, comment out the HIDDEN settings and set a TIMEOUT in seconds …


Single menu

Display entries in a single menu …


Default kernel

Set last kernel booted as the default selection …


Make some noise

It is a good thing to start Linux with a bit of song …

# How about 'Close Encounters'?
GRUB_INIT_TUNE="480 900 2 1000 2 800 2 400 2 600 3"

Black screen

On some devices I run into this issue: “Black screen instead of password prompt for boot encryption”.

I have to blindly enter the passphrase for my LUKS-encrypted partitions and ALT+F1 to console. Trying to remove GRUB options splash and/or quiet results in the inability to enter the passphrase at all and a hard reset is required.

To fix, add …

# Force the kernel to boot in normal text mode with '=text'

Link: GNU gfxpayload


Add a background image to the menu …

# Wallpaper                                                                     

Update configuration after any modifications …

$ sudo update-grub

Happy (hacking) New Year!