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Here are this week's 3 links worth exploring:

  1. Libre Space Foundation is a non-profit, community-driven effort to create open source space technologies. Starting with SatNOGS - a global network of DIY satellite ground stations - projects include creating and deploying the world's first open source satellite, hack on sounding rockets, develop machine learning for satellites, and others. I especially like the idea of installing SatNOGS on a Raspberry Pi to create your very own ground station at home: https://libre.space/

  2. MIT, in partnership with edX, has a new session of their online course "Introduction to Aerospace Engineering: Astronautics and Human Spaceflight". Enrollment is now open and free to use. Coursework is self-paced (free access ends April 11). I signed up! Taught by a former NASA astronaut who draws on his personal experience of spaceflight, the course covers rocket fundamentals, orbital mechanics, keeping astronauts alive and (space)walking, and more: https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-to-aerospace-engineering-astronautics

  3. Libre/open source software and hardware and ideals are a chance for a new, different kind of Space Age - open to anyone, improving life for all. Going forward, I plan to devote more time to learning to program through deliberate and daily effort. A good place for any beginner coder to start is with the #100DaysOfCode Challenge: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/the-crazy-history-of-the-100daysofcode-challenge-and-why-you-should-try-it-for-2018-6c89a76e298d/

Quote of the Week: "Once a photograph of the Earth, taken from outside, is available ... a new idea as powerful as any in history will be let loose." — Fred Hoyle, 1948


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