#12. IPFS-tiny

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Here are this week's 3 links worth exploring:

  1. The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a data storage protocol where data is split into smaller pieces, given a unique fingerprint ID, and distributed across the network in a peer-to-peer architecture. IPFS-tiny is a project designing a space-friendly implementation of IPFS for micro and nanosatellites and their more limited resources, transforming the network of satellite-to-satellite and satellite-to-ground-station into a Delay Tolerant Network: https://libre.space/2023/04/12/ipfs-tiny/

  2. FemtoStar is working to create a satellite constellation for open and end-to-end encrypted private communications. The plan is to have satellites as well as ground terminals be open hardware running open source software: https://femtostar.com/

  3. Evolving from a hobby effort by founder Michael Bretti, Applied Ion Systems is an open source research and development company focused on making advanced electric propulsion systems for nanosatellites. Their thrusters went orbital for the first time in 2021 aboard the Care Weather Hatchling Veery 1U Cubesat: https://appliedionsystems.com/we-did-it-everyone-ais-is-finally-orbital/

Quote of the Week: "If we have the technology to terraform Mars or the moon, we’d have the technology to terraform Earth back into Earth." — Christopher Wanjek, Spacefarers: How Humans Will Settle the Moon, Mars, and Beyond


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