#16. Space Junk

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Here are this week's 3 links worth exploring:

  1. A talk delivered at PyConline AU 2021 that gives an overview of the hardware and software being used to manage the growing problem of space junk in orbit. Python plays an important role in this endeavour in the realm of signal processing, data analysis, and predictive modelling: https://youtu.be/jcgaU1mgS0A

  2. Orekit is an open source, space dynamics library - written in Java - used to develop flight dynamics applications. A Python wrapper to the library is available to facilitate use in Python environments: https://gitlab.orekit.org/orekit-labs/python-wrapper

  3. Open MCT (Mission Control Technologies) is a web-based (Javascript), open source mission control framework for data visualization. Developed at NASA's Ames Research Center in collaboration with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, it's used by NASA for analysis of telemetry data from spacecraft missions, as well as planning and operation of experimental rover systems: https://nasa.github.io/openmct/

Quote of the Week: "[The] original Latin root of the verb "desire": a combination of "de", which indicates "lack of something", and "sidus", that is, "star". To desire literally means "to miss the stars", to feel a need for them." — Roberto Manzocco, Transhumanism - Engineering the Human Condition


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