#32. Travelling Telescope

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Here are this week's 3 links worth exploring:

  1. The Travelling Telescope, a Kenyan social enterprise set up by astronomer Susan Murabana, is dedicated to educating children in remote communities about astronomy and nurture a love of science. Every two months, Murabana and her husband load their telescope and an inflatable planetarium on to their truck and set off for rural areas to give local children the opportunity to view the planets and stars and learn the basics of astrophysics:

  2. A few years back, NASA-JPL released plans for the Open Source Rover, a build-it-yourself 6-wheel mini version of the Mars Curiosity Rover. Its assembled from a range of commercial off-the-shelf parts, and a Raspberry Pi serves as the rover's "brain". Now, the community has used its build experience to refresh the design, making it cheaper and more accessible to varying levels of maker skill:

  3. The SatNOGS project - a global, open source network of DIY satellite ground stations pioneered by the Libre Space Foundation - announced the community has reached its eight millionth observation. SatNOGS counts over 240+ fully operational ground stations and 150+ in testing mode:

Quote of the Week: "I hope that one day, through this work, I will spark a chain reaction that leads to the first African woman in space." — Susan Murabana


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