#35. Stellarium

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Here are this week's 3 links worth exploring:

  1. Stellarium is a open source desktop planetarium available for Linux, Windows, macOS, and a web version. It displays a three-dimensional map of the stars with an immense range of features. I'm using and enjoying the Linux distro-agnostic AppImage packaged release: https://stellarium.org/

  2. The best way to get started with Stellarium is simply run it full-screen and start clicking, zooming, and scrolling. Don't worry ... you won't break the Universe! After a bit of exploration, check out some demos on YouTube. This is a good one: https://youtu.be/tKyja_iSuNM?si=_D_oGTKnHWi0--jC

  3. Stellarium is also available in mobile versions for Android and iOS so it can be used outdoors. The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada hosted a live chat that highlights the app's features: https://www.youtube.com/live/53PiLE3PzpI?si=Gv4QyEQRPXwjAYGS

Quote of the Week: "Fermi's [Paradox] question, asked in 1950, was akin to an empty-handed fisherman without net, rod, or boat looking at the ocean and asking, "Where are all the fish?" What Fermi, and all who have followed his quip to a dead end, miss is that the absence of discovery very often turns on the effort expended on discovering." — Avi Loeb, Interstellar: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life and Our Future in the Stars


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