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As part of my #100DaysOfCode Challenge, I created, a python program that tracks progress on a goal. It displays an inspiring quote for the day, and tracks: 1. Current (consecutive days) streak; 2. Total days of effort; 3. Missed days (boo!); 4. Start date; 5. Description.

$ -f xDaysOfCode

>> The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. -- Henry David Thoreau

## Results for /home/dwa/.keep_going/xDaysOfCode.json as of Sunday, Dec 26 ##

Current (consecutive days) streak: 28
Total days of effort: 28
Missed days: 0
Start date: 2021-11-29
Description: Learn programming through deliberate and daily effort by coding minimum 1 hour session

Happy Boxing Day!


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