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Consider this: for decades humanity has possessed the capability to expand into our solar system - but we have not. It's not because explorers like you weren't willing to shoulder the risk. Instead it was the blindness among our leaders that prevented them from seeing the true risk. And yet on Earth, we spend a trillion dollars on war without blinking an eye. With each passing year, the chance of a global catastrophe mounts - the climate, an epidemic, a financial crisis, or a war that shrouds and prevents us from reaching space. Possibly ever again. Humanity's future depends on going - now, not later... I ask you to take this risk for the best reason of all - to secure the lives of countless generations to come. To finally embark humanity into the cosmos. -- "Delta-V", Daniel Suarez

Consider this: if by some tremendous streak of ingenuity and luck we get almost all of the big things right - mitigate climate change, de-escalate conflict, deploy cheap clean energy, achieve benevolent AI, meet the universal basic needs of all humanity - if we do all this and remain a one-world species I feel it would mean the end of us. We need a frontier to pull us forward and test us. We need an Unknown to put new ideas in our heads, and the space away from crowds and the old ways to explore new ways to live.

Without that great deep space attractor, something would come along that would find us lacking in strength and agility to face it and adapt, and it would overwhelm us. And, despite selfishness and squalor and an ongoing stained-with-blood history, there is also selflessness and beauty and a noble becoming in humans that is worth saving. We are the Universe Waking Up.

Non est ad astra mollis e terris via ["There is no easy path from earth to the stars." -- Seneca].

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