Null to Void (Linux)

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Null_to_Void is a script to install Void Linux with (almost) full disk encryption + BTRFS.


  • Target device is x86_64 with UEFI boot
  • Libc is glibc
  • Wired network connection
  • Void will be the sole operating system on a single disk


  • Partition drive with:
    • unencrypted (required) EFI system partition (ESP) - format: vfat
    • encrypted partition (LUKS) - format: btrfs
  • Create BTRFS subvolumes
  • Install base system
  • Configure GRUB for encrypted boot
  • Create non-root user account
  • Setup a minimal (console-only) or desktop (Openbox) system
  • Install extra packages

How does it work?

  1. Download the Void Linux base Live Image (glibc version).
  2. Prepare and boot the installer. Login as root, password voidlinux.
  3. Switch to bash shell:
# bash
  1. Sync package repositories and update package manager:
bash-5.1# xbps-install -S && xbps-install -uy xbps
  1. Install:
bash-5.1# xbps-install -y git python3
  1. Download:
bash-5.1# git clone
  1. Change directory and run script:
bash-5.1# cd null-to-void
bash-5.1# ./


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