Raspberry Pi RAM gobbled up by irqbalance

Last modified on 2015-07-30

Problem: After a few days uptime my Pi sees hundreds of MB gobbled up by the irqbalance daemon (which balances interrupts across multiple CPUs). Package version is 1.0.6-3 on Debian jessie/armhf and its a known bug.

[ Fix! ] Restart irqbalance in nightly cron job, or compile and install a newer, patched version (my choice).

Remove buggy irqbalance

sudo systemctl stop irqbalance                                                       
sudo apt-get --purge remove irqbalance                                               

Install development tools on the Pi …

sudo apt-get install build-essential autogen automake libtool pkg-config checkinstall

Download source and unpack …

wget https://github.com/Irqbalance/irqbalance/archive/v1.0.9.tar.gz && tar xvzf v1.0.9.tar.gz

Checkinstall is an easy way to make Debian packages for personal use. Compile and (check)install …

cd irqbalance-1.0.9
sudo checkinstall make install

Start new irqbalance

sudo /usr/local/sbin/irqbalance &

Optional: Configure the daemon for systemd control and auto-start at boot.

I have been running the daemon for a few days now and it stays around 0.6% memory usage vs 20% (and growing) of the previous packaged version.

Happy hacking!