#21. Quetzal-1

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Here are this week's 3 links worth exploring:

  1. A team of over 100 students and engineers from Universidad Del Valle De Guatemala designed and built a CubeSat - designated Quetzel-1 - that travelled to space in 2020 and lasted 211 days in orbit. Open-source hardware and software was essential to the satellite's creation, and its creators in turn have open-sourced their design documents, satellite and ground station software, and a complete database of all information collected during the flight. Onward to Quetzal-2!: https://hackaday.io/project/191065-open-sourcing-the-design-for-the-quetzal-1-cubesat

  2. SpaceX-API is an open-source API for the company's launch, rocket, core, capsule, Starlink, launchpad, and landing pad data: https://github.com/r-spacex/SpaceX-API

  3. Beyond Earth: A Chronicle of Deep Space Exploration, 1958-2016 by Asif A. Siddiqi is a free ebook published by NASA that tells the story of our robotic voyagers sent to explore throughout the Solar System and beyond. From early Cold War rivalry to expanding the frontiers of knowledge on Mars: https://wikiarchives.space/picture.php?/755214/category/5225

Quote of the Week:

"And I know we won’t stop.
We’ve planned too many wonders for one little star.
Though often the present may seem too complacent to take us that far." — Ada Palmer, Somebody Will


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