Put a modem-router in bridge mode

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Place an ISP-provided modem-router in bridge mode (act as modem-only) and use an external router to provide necessary home network services.

Let's go!

Recently we switched at home from DSL to cable. Our ISP is Teksavvy and they are a reseller of Rogers internet services. The connecting device on loan from the ISP is a Hitron CGN3U that acts as both modem and ethernet/wireless router.

Wireless connectivity has proven to be a wee bit spotty in the house. Reading user feedback leaves me with the impression that these all-in-one devices with their internal antenna are only so-so in performance. A better setup is to configure the Hitron as a simple wired modem and add my own router to provide DHCP, NAT, wireless, etc.


  • Hitron CGN3U
  • TP-Link AC1750 (hardware ver.: Archer C7 v5.0) router
  • ethernet cables x2
  • my PC

Bridge mode

Configure the Hitron:

  • Login to web interface at Select the Basic->Gateway Function.
  • Disable the Residential Gateway Function, click OK on message that appears, then select Save Changes.
  • Modem will now reboot in bridge mode. Takes a few minutes to come back up and re-connect to Rogers. Wireless is disabled.
  • Now that the modem is in bridge mode, only one ethernet port will be active, which is the port on the far left (or on top if the modem is in upright position). Connect PC to that port.
  • PC is directly assigned the external IP address.
  • To access the modem's web interface in bridge mode, the address is now Username and password remain the same.

Link: Bridge mode

Network services

Configure the router:

  • Disconnect the PC from modem.
  • Connect modem to router. Connect the modem's active (as above) ethernet port to the WAN port of router.
  • Connect the PC to an ethernet port on router.
  • Power up the router. Login to router (on my TP-Link the web interface is found at Set password. Internet connection type is Dynamic IP.
  • Apply any updates (on my router there was a pending update). PC disconnects, then reconnects, then prompted to log back in.
  • Set/confirm the proper time.
  • PC is now assigned a 192.168.0.x address from the router.
  • Proceed to setup wireless and any desired network services.

Reset modem

If for some reason there is a desire to return the modem to gateway mode, the device can be reset to factory defaults either using the reset button on the back of the modem (just above the ethernet ports) or the admin interface (Admin->Device Reset->Factory Reset).

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