Put a modem-router in bridge mode

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Place an ISP-provided modem-router in bridge mode (act as modem-only) and use an external router to provide necessary home network services.

Let's go!

Recently we switched at home from DSL to cable. Our ISP is Teksavvy and they are a reseller of Rogers internet services. The connecting device on loan from the ISP is a Hitron CGN3U that acts as both modem and ethernet/wireless router.

Wireless connectivity has proven to be a wee bit spotty in the house. Reading user feedback leaves me with the impression that these all-in-one devices with their internal antenna are only so-so in performance. A better setup is to configure the Hitron as a simple wired modem and add my own router to provide DHCP, NAT, wireless, etc.


Bridge mode

Configure the Hitron:

Link: Bridge mode

Network services

Configure the router:

Reset modem

If for some reason there is a desire to return the modem to gateway mode, the device can be reset to factory defaults either using the reset button on the back of the modem (just above the ethernet ports) or the admin interface (Admin->Device Reset->Factory Reset).

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