Transfer files between phone and computer via USB

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Connect an Android phone to a computer by USB cable and transfer files using MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) mode.

Let's go!

Activate developer mode on the phone (example: my device is a Moto G7 Power). Go to Settings->About phone and quickly tap seven times on Build number. When the message appears "You are now a developer" you are all set to proceed to the next step.

Go to Settings->System->Advanced->Developer options->Default USB configuration and switch No data transfer to File Transfer.

On my computer (running Debian), I install jmtpfs ...

$ sudo apt install jmtpfs

Create mountpoint for the phone in the home directory ...

$ mkdir -p ~/mnt/phone

Unlock the phone. Connect the unlocked phone to the computer with a USB cable. Confirm system detects the phone ...

$ jmtpfs -l
Device 0 ...

Mount the phone ...

$ jmtpfs ~/mnt/phone/
Device 0 (VID=22b8 and PID=2e82) is a Motorola Moto G (ID2).
Android device detected, assigning default bug flags

Phone storage is now accessible to all the standard Linux tools.

When finished and before disconnecting, unmount the phone ...

$ fusermount -u ~/mnt/phone

Link: mtp - Debian Wiki

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